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Justina is a freelance journalist and writer specializing in Latino media, film history, horror, and Latin horror.

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Professor Jonathan Risner Discusses Argentinian Horror

In recent years, Argentina has become fertile ground in Latin America for contemporary horror films and filmmakers. Among the notable recent Argentine horror films include Terrified, Virus-32, The Last Matinee, and History of the Occult. Argentine horror talent has also influenced American horror cinema, most notably, the sister and brother duo Barbara and Andrés Muschietti, who produced and directed IT, the current highest-grossing horror film of all time. Documenting the history and rise of c

Hispanic Heritage Month: Interview with ¡Uy Que Horror! Podcast Co-Host Jonathan Atkinson and Aileen Clark

As the cultural influence and mainstream popularity of Latinx horror icons Guillermo del Toro and Robert Rodriguez continues to grow, many horror fans, especially Latino horror fans, are curious about the roots of Latinx horror, especially in the United States and Latin America. Wanting to explore the diversity of Latinx horror, dedicated horror fans and childhood friends turned co-host Jonathan “Jonny” Atkinson and Aileen Clark, created the Latinx horror podcast ¡Uy Que Horror!. With over 100

The Accursed: Interview with Film’s Composer Émoi

The new eerie horror film The Accursed, embodies the feel of the classic slow-burn 1960s horror, setting its creepy tale deep in the American South. Directed by Kevin Lewis, who also directed the 2021 Nicolas Cage horror-comedy Willy’s Wonderland, again collaborated with Willy’s Wonderland composer Émoi to bring an unnerving, yet intense feel to The Accursed. This haunting score creates an environment that leads audiences to experience what sounds and feels like the opening of hell. Though bes

Hispanic Heritage Month Interview with Trash-Mex Blog Founder Armando Hernandez

Celebrating Latin horror for Hispanic Heritage Month, we highlight the creepy and strange cult horror of Mexico with the cult film blog Trash-Mex. Trash-Mex, since 2010, has cataloged and brought to English-speaking audiences the films of Mexican cult cinema and its unique history, including the lesser-known gems of Mexican cult horror cinema. Speaking with Trash-Mex founder and writer Armando Hernandez, he shares with us his inspiration to start the blog, the uniqueness of Mexican horror, and

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