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Justina is a freelance journalist and writer specializing in Latino media, film history, horror, and Latin horror.

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Interview with See It On 16mm Founder Michael Aguirre

In the age of endless streaming and digital cinema, Michael Aguirre is preserving the art of 16mm (millimeter) film through his traveling cinema project, See It On 16mm.

Aguirre, an Orange County native, has taken his love for film and passion for 16mm films around California, bringing both a comforting nostalgia to older film fans and creating an amazing new experience for younger film fans. The Cal State Long Beach graduate is taking his passion and dedication to film, working towards a maste

Interview: Backstitch Bruja Founder Yvette Aragon-Herrera

Launching on October 9, 2018, by entrepreneur Yvette Aragon-Herrera, Backstitch Bruja has created a wide range of uniquely spooky and marvelous horror-themed products.

Aragon-Herrera, who identifies as a Queer Latina, was born and raised in Los Angeles, with roots from Sinaloa, Mexico. She taught herself how to sew and used Instagram to show her DIY projects. With so much interest from followers asking her to start her own store, Aragon-Herrera infused her passion for fashion, horror, Mexican c

The Writer's Room: Forgotten Festival Favorites

Every year, the film festival circuit provides a crucial service of circulation, exposure, and beginnings of larger distribution for new filmmakers as well as for high-budget pictures from the largest studios and artistic films from the most acclaimed of directors. Programming at The Frida alone has been filled each year with films that have been considered festival gems out of festivals like Cannes, Venice, and Sundance. The festivals have not only seen hundreds of films that have lived on in t

Interview with I WAS A TEENAGE MONSTER HUNTER! Author Sam Irvin

The fabulous director, writer, and producer Sam Irvin has released his 4th book I Was a Teenage Monster Hunter!

Best known for his cult classic films Elvira’s Haunted Hills and Guilty as Charged, and co-executive producer of the Oscar-winning film Gods and Monsters, Irvin has made a name for himself as a director in the genre he loves most, horror.

In Irvin’s latest book, which is his most personal, I Was a Teenage Monster Hunter! uniquely combines his exciting cinematic adventures, self-disco

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