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Justina is a freelance journalist and writer specializing in Latino media, film history, horror, and Latin horror.

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Interview: When Evil Lurks Director Demián Rugna

The newest Latin American horror film to make its way to Shudder is the amazingly bone-chilling accomplishment in contemporary Argentinean horror When Evil Lurks.

When Evil Lurks follows two brothers in a small rural Argentinian town, who stumble upon a demon-infected man on the verge of giving life to pure evil. After attempting to get rid of the infected man, they unknowingly unleashed the evil’s mayhem. No one and nothing is safe.

Since its world premiere at this year’s Toronto Internationa

Interview: Spider Baby with Director Dustin Ferguson

On Halloween, we celebrate the red carpet and world premiere of the official remake of the Jack Hill cult classic, Spider Baby.

The inbred children of the Merrye Estate fight to protect their beloved home and deranged way of life by any means necessary from their greedy relatives, who try to repossess the estate.

Directed and written by filmmaker and horror film enthusiast Dustin Ferguson, Spider Baby blends the nostalgia of the 1967 classic with a modern twist. Further cementing the bond betw

The Migration and Politics of Monsters in Latin American Cinema

In the horror cinema of Latin America, monsters have been heavily influenced by the diverse cultural, political, social, and blood-drenched history of Latin America.

The Migration and Politics of Monsters by Dr. Gabriel Eljaiek-Rodríguez dives deeply into contemporary Latin American horror cinema and how Latin American horror filmmakers are using monsters to reflect the monstrosities of Latin America past and present.

Currently, a professor at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, Eljaiek-Rodrí

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