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Justina is a freelance journalist and writer specializing in Latino media, film history, horror, and Latin horror.

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THE WISHING POOL AND OTHER STORIES: An Interview with Author Tananarive Due

Acclaimed horror author and horror historian Tananarive Due, has just released her newest chilling novel of horror short stories, The Wishing Pool.

The Wishing Pool and Other Stories is Due’s second short story novel. Set in Florida, where events of creeping dread impact its citizens, with nightmares supernatural and surreal, with monsters, external and internal. Divided into four sections, readers are treated to fourteen different terrors. With many of the stories with a child protagonist figh

Interview with THE BLACK GUY DIES FIRST Co-Authors Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman and Mark H. Harris

Diving deeper into the world of Black horror, The Black Guy Dies First: Black Horror Cinema from Fodder to Oscar co-authored by Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman and Mark H. Harris, takes a deep exploration into the Black image in modern horror cinema and how that image reflects and impacts the Black American experience.

Coleman is the author of the foremost guide for Black horror cinema Horror Noire: Blacks in American Horror Films from the 1890s to Present. This was the inspiration and base for the

Interview: Festival de Trash-Mex with Armando Hernandez and Michael Aguirre

The amazing talents behind Trash-Mex.com and See It On 16MM are combining their forces and love for Mexican genre film to bring the three-day Festival De Trash-Mex to life this weekend!

This Mexican genre festival is showcasing six Mexican cult classics, digitally remastered with Spanish audio and English subtitles. Many of these films have not been shown on a theatrical screen in decades. Each film was handpicked by the duo behind this festival, Armando Hernández of Trash-Mex.com and Michael A

Interview: The Giallo of Perfect Blue with Sean Woodard

The stunning anime Perfect Blue has made its way into Bloodstained Narratives: The Giallo Film in Italy and Abroad, a collection of critical essays edited by Matthew Edwards and Fernando Gabriel Pagnoni Berns.

Bloodstained Narratives features in-depth exploration from cinematic intellectuals, academics, and filmmakers, with each talent contributing their own chapter to focus on specific films. They analyze Giallo, or an international interpretation of Giallo, while dissecting the massive influe

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